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In the past, we’ve discussed the role that Sports Massage can play in the routine of every athlete, from the novice to the professional. Whether it’s enhancing muscle elasticity for greater performance or helping to heal injuries through techniques like cold therapy, Sports Massage is a core component for many people living an active lifestyle. We’ve also taken a look at how Sports Massage can give golfers an edge during their games. For those of you who love to hit the green, you’ll find your swing can be signifincantly improved with regular Sports Massage.

But what about you runners out there, how can sports massage factor into your performance? That’s a great question! Because every sport is different, you’re likely searching for answers that pertain to your experience as a runner.  The professionals here at our Dreamclinic massage clinics in Seattle have quite a bit of experience working with runners and can provide helpful guidance.

Dealing with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

As anyone who’s ever run their first 5k or marathon knows, the days that follow can be as intense as the race itself. Your legs can feel cramped and for some, you might feel like you can’t even walk. This level of soreness may even be experienced by more seasoned runners who are training for peak performance. Because Sports Massage is so effective at decreasing the duration and severity of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (or DOMS), it makes for a beneficil sel-care practice to implement after a particularly challenging run.  But the real story for this benefit is that you feel better, not only physically but also psychologically. For runners who are just starting out, massage can help you get back out on the track with a healthy mindset.

Improving Your Range of Motion

Many runners who are active in the running community can be incredibly passionate about their sport. In some cases, runners want to hit the track every single day. While it’s important to use rest as part of your regular schedule, the fact of the matter remains that runners are taxing the same hard working muscles over and over again throughout the week. This regular usage, especially if you have a particularly hard run, leads to increased muscle tension which then causes a more limited range of motion.  Reduced range of motion, in turn, can lead to your next run being less than optimal and thus you get caught in a negative downward cycle.   Because Sports Massage aids in restoring more limber joints, you’ll find your running sessions are greatly improved. In turn, you will experience your peak performance on those days when you really push yourself.

Battling the Runner’s Curse of Inflammation

Let’s talk about running and inflammation – Runner’s knee, Achilles Tendinitis, Plantar Fasciitis – to name a few conditions. If you browse a list of running injuries, you’ll immediately notice that inflammation plays a huge part in the issues that are specific to the sport of running. In fact, at Dreamclinic massage clinics in Seattle, inflammation is one of the aspects that our clients who are runners ask us about. Sports Massage is equipped to help in this area as well.  Sports Massage stimulates lymphatic flow which speeds clearing out of inflammatory debris, so this is another secret weapon of runners who have lower injury rates.

In summary, by enhancing elasticity (flexibility) and range of motion and by helping reduce inflamation, runners perform better in their sport longterm while lowering risk of injury.  If you’re a runner, we would love to talk to you more about the performance benefits of a regular Sports Massage. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.



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