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One of the most challenging things for a lot of therapists can be finding themselves in an intake with a new client where the connection just isn’t happening. Maybe they look at their shoes the whole time, or they’re sighing and looking out the window. You know, no click. It takes a real dedication to our profession, and a certain level of maturity, to be able to put that non-clicking, or non-connectedness, aside and still provide somebody with a thorough and caring intake to craft a massage plan that meets their needs.

It’s vital that we remember not to take that disconnect personally. Being healers, it helps to realize that our clients, as they are in front of us, are not necessarily in their best state. That’s why they’re here. They may be distracted or grumpy due to whatever’s going on in their life, or from the pain or stress that has brought them to us in the first place.

When we can be in a compassionate state of non-judgment and continue to be dedicated to our healing profession, or to our healing intent, it allows us to bridge that gap and hold a space of healing around our clients, when they can’t hold it for themselves. In doing this, we show up as truly caring human beings, available at our best for each client, and our practice becomes a space where they can trust that their needs matter.

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