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130218_organ_donation-highres_aotwOn occasion, I’ve run into licensed massage therapists who have experienced boredom with their massage practice and had decided to move on to a different career. I know this happens for some, but, for myself, I honestly can’t imagine ever getting bored with the practice of massage.

There are just so many wonderful, pertinent, and directly useful techniques that I can imagine a lifetime of learning. So, here are some of the things that I found that have really expanded and renewed my practice whenever I was beginning to feel stale in the past:

  • Trigger Point Work: This is an awesome, tremendously effective technique for loosening stubborn areas of chronic spasm.
  • Structural Integration and Myofascial Release: Classes on these were invaluable in teaching me how to create space for muscles in the first place, in case they had no room to expand before they could be worked on.
  • Thai Massage & Yoga: Incorporating elements of these have made for great additions to my practice.
  • Nutrition: I’ve seen others who have taken classes on this to integrate into their massage practice. Do you know the effects that additional Magnesium or Potassium can have for your clients’ muscles?
  • Energy work (Craniosacral, & Reiki): Others I know have also integrated these into their practice to great effect.
  • Learn & Grow: In Washington State, we have a requirement for twenty-four hours of continuing education every couple of years, and that’s great. If your state doesn’t have a similar requirement, go take a continuing education class anyway. And if that twenty-four hours doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, double it, triple it. You’ll see. Just keep learning and keep getting better, and you’ll never be bored.

While we are primarily massage therapists, we’re also health practitioners or wellness practitioners. Really, as far as that goes, the field is still so young. There is a tremendous amount of information and knowledge to be brought in, and we are in the perfect place to do that because of the intimate and trusting relationship that we get to build with our best clients.

There are so many tools and also such a fulfilling achievement in helping alleviate other’s pain that boredom is merely a state of mind you can avoid in your practice.

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