Queen Anne Location is Moving!

This month, Dreamclinic is proud to announce their new clinic location opening February 13th in the former Brenneke Massage School space at 160 Roy Street on Queen Anne in Seattle. Dreamclinic Queen Anne moves from its former address in the Marqueen Hotel and joins sister locations in Roosevelt and Redmond. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday 9am to 9pm and Sunday 10am to 6pm.

This is not just a random move, according to owner Larisa Goldin. “This decision was incredibly fortuitous. The Brenneke School of Massage was renowned nationwide for the quality of their teaching, and the opportunity to move our clinic there brings the story full circle and supports the advancement of quality massage in Seattle.” She adds, “we will be practicing where some of the most skilled therapists and educators in our industry learned their craft, AND Dreamclinic is keeping the story alive in Seattle.”

According to Goldin, many people do not realize that Seattle sets the standard for massage in our nation. “While most people think of coffee and rain when they think of Seattle, they may not recognize our city as a hub for massage,” she continues. “We set the standard- with more massage schools per capita than other cities and our overall holistic vibe.” It is just this passion that lead Goldin to leave her cushy tech job and open Dreamclinic in 2003.

Dreamclinic has positioned itself as a leader in massage- with their focus on overall health, and individualized therapeutic medical massage. They have been recognized by Puget Sound Business Journal and Inc. 5000 in both 2015 and 2016 as one of the nation’s fastest growing businesses.

To Goldin, it’s her therapists’ skill combined with their unique approach that has made Dreamclinic so successful. “What I hear time and time again from clients is that they are ‘obsessed’ with Dreamclinic,” says Goldin. “We love what we do, we hire the best and then we listen to our clients. We provide a results-focused plan for their specific needs.” Through massage and acupuncture, Dreamclinic helps people keep their health and unlock the body’s natural healing properties.

In addition to this new Queen Anne location, Dreamclinic has purchased New Seattle Massage in the University District and is continuing to operate this facility under the “New Seattle Massage” name. “We are excited to work with New Seattle Massage’s esteemed clientele, they have really built a fantastic reputation.” New Seattle Massage is located at 4519 1/2 University Way, NE in Seattle and online at www.newseattlemassage.com.

About Brenneke School of Massage

Heida Brenneke began massage in her home in 1974 and opened her first formal location, the Brenneke School of Massage in 1980. From that point on, Brenneke set the standard for massage producing several of the industry’s leaders and countless passionate massage therapists. The Brenneke School of Massage was purchased by Cortiva Institute and eventually closed in 2007.

Forget the Chocolates: Your Next Valentine’s Gift for Them is Far More Enticing

With the holiday of love right around the corner, you probably have gift giving on your mind. And if you’re anything like most people, you’re also trying to think of something for your partner or friend that breaks from clichés. After all, while gifts like chocolates or flowers are appreciated by many, you really want to “wow” your special someone with a gift that shows you’ve truly thought of them.

For the day that’s totally dedicated to showing your devotion, fondness, and yes, even your burning passion, you want to offer them a genuine token of your affection. And, of course your gift should reflect all those feelings you have for everything they’re worth. The perfect choice? A day when they can indulge with a relaxing, professionally given massage. Let’s see why this gift goes beyond boring and common place to elevate the mood.

Wrapping Their Senses in Richness

When you choose to gift a massage in Seattle, you’re not just giving a gift card to any other place. In truth, you’re sharing the ticket to an entire journey of relaxation and enjoyment. From the moment your special someone arrives, our experts in massage will make them feel welcome, while providing them with a rich, health-focused day. With their skillfully applied massage, your loved one will be able to totally let go, even as they’re revived, no matter how hectic their month.

Giving Them an Affordable, Yet Luxurious Reward

And let’s be honest: you don’t want to break the bank while making sure your loved one is completely rewarded. Luckily, a massage isn’t just economical; it really is an upscale treat of comfort, satisfaction, and stress relief. As a Valentine’s Day gift, it’s effects go far beyond any one day and last into the month, ensuring that your loved one continues to have you on their mind for some time to come.

Making an Entire Day of Your Valentine’s Day

Equally true, when you choose a massage as a Valentine’s Day gift, you’re giving more than just another outfit that might end up hidden in the closet or a piece of expensive jewelry to be tossed with all the rest. Above all, a massage in Seattle gives you the option to make your Valentine’s Day a whole day of indulgence. Whether you take your partner or spouse on a food tour of the city and then combine it with a massage or you take in a movie, but finish the outing with a surprise massage, you’re only limited by your own creativity. This fact undeniably makes a massage a unique Valentine’s Day gift. (Gift certificates sold online here)

Clearly, when it comes to Valentine’s Day gift ideas, a massage makes the list. Not only will you be giving them an uncommon present, you’ll also be showing them the attention they deserve, even as they’re attention is turned to what a thoughtful gift-giver you are. How easy is it to set up an appointment? Just give us a call or schedule online. 

Energizing Your Week and Easing Your Stress: 4 Secrets of Swedish Massage

You may have heard of the Swedish Massage and wondered what experiencing one was like. Or maybe you’re familiar with the name, but aren’t all that sure what the benefits are to you. Maybe you’ve even had one, and yet, you weren’t sure how it differed from other types of massage. Still, when it comes to your well-being, you’ve probably heard from a friend or two how a regular massage has done wonders for them. Well, we’re here to share some of the secrets of the Swedish Massage with you today. But let’s cover the basics before we dive into the relaxing and rejuvenating aspects of this style of massage.

First, this type of massage is one among many, but it’s one of the best for those of you just getting started with massages. As a Western style, it focuses on your body’s anatomy and physiology in a way that’s grounded in science and health. It’s also what many people know as the basic massage, which you’re likely familiar with. The most interesting part is that it also has a medical history that stretches back over 100 years. That’s a long time to perfect the techniques needed to get you relaxed and feeling good!

How can this type of massage energize your week and ease your stress? Excellent question!

Indulging Your Senses in Tranquility

When your Swedish Massage starts, you’ll be amazed at how the simple act of lying down and being still can make you feel. And is it any surprise? In our modern world, we’re always going, going, and going. Often, we don’t take enough time to merely relax and let go. But during a Swedish Massage, the first thing you’ll notice is how great it is just to take time to be calm in a soothing environment.

Customizing Your Massage Experience

Another enjoyable aspect of Swedish Massage is how this style revolves around customization. If you’re in the mood for a softer, less intense experience to ease out of your day, your therapist will use a lighter touch for your kneading and stretching. At the same time, if you’ve had a hard day at work, and you’d like more intensity, you can choose that too. Your therapist can also spend extra time on an area that might be bothering you. The choice really is all yours.

Reducing Your Aches and Pains

And really, in addition to being comfortable and customizing your intensity, the best part about a Swedish Massage is how it helps fully relax your muscles and the rest of your body. Sometimes, it’s difficult for us to tell how our bodies are slowly tensing up over the course of a day or a week. In fact, research has even shown that Swedish Massage eases pain that might build up in your body, even chronic pain.

Resetting Your Body’s Natural Cycle

Finally, whether you choose a clinic in Seattle or anywhere else in the world, you’ll find that Swedish Massage puts your natural rhythm back in order. By now, it’s not a secret that your body goes through regular cycles of waking and sleeping, working and relaxing. You can even think of it like nature’s ebb and flow for your internal clock. And probably the biggest secret of Swedish Massage is that it greatly reduces stress and puts you back on a healthier path. That same research we mentioned earlier? It’s also shown that even for people suffering from depression, massage can have huge benefits. That’s some power right there!

And in reality, you’ll find that Swedish Massage has the potential to completely re-direct your weekly direction. From cultivating your body’s health to refocusing your attention, this style of massage is a surefire way to get energized, even while cutting down on your stress levels. And if you haven’t yet experienced a Swedish massage or it’s just been awhile, one of our three Seattle area clinic locations is ready to give you a comfortable and amazing experience. Give us a call for an apportionment or schedule online. 

How To Detox Your Way Through the Holiday Season

The current season can leave us feeling a little bit like Santa Claus, as the many months we have put into eating well and keeping fit suddenly come to a halt—our last trip to the gym seeming like a lifetime ago.

It’s easy to overindulge on processed foods, sugar, and alcohol during this time, and many of us experience a complete lack of sleep or spend a lot of time traveling—all of which can take a huge toll on the body. By the time January arrives it’s no wonder many of us feel sluggish, bloated, and desperate for a detox to kick ourselves into gear for the year to come.

However, there are some simple things you can do to prevent this unpleasant feeling altogether! Below are some strategies to help detoxify your body (and still enjoy yourself) over the holiday party season.


Increasing your daily intake of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables—especially deeply pigmented produce and cruciferous vegetables like spinach, parsley, blueberries, bok choy, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts—is important for the detoxification process and will help buffer some of the onslaught on the liver.


Gut bacteria can be disrupted by processed foods, alcohol, and even a lack of sleep. And both alcohol and sugar tend to play around with your gut flora and interfere with the balance of good and bad bacteria. Eating probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, kombucha, kimchi, and miso soup can help boost good intestinal bacteria, and taking a high-strength probiotic can help provide optimal support for healthy digestive and immune function.

B vitamins

Alcohol depletes many nutrients in our bodies but especially the B vitamins which are highly important for many biological processes. A good-quality multivitamin every day is a great place to start, especially on days that alcohol is consumed.

Milk thistle

Some research has shown that the herb milk thistle can assist in buffering alcohol-induced liver damage. Milk thistle aids normal liver function, helps protect liver cells and has some antioxidant activity. Try supplementing with milk thistle both before and after spoiling yourself with that extra glass of vino to assist your liver in processing and removing the alcohol from your body.

Broccoli sprouts

They may be small in size but broccoli sprouts pack a huge punch when it comes to their nutritional value. These nutrient-packed sprouts are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Broccoli sprouts also contain a high amount of special compounds (like sulforaphane) that help prevent disease and increase well-being by supporting the liver and protecting against cellular damage.

Globe artichoke

A favorite in the Mediterranean kitchen, globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus) has also been used medicinally for hundreds of years for it’s liver-protecting properties. Artichokes can improve liver function and especially help with symptoms like constipation, flatulence, belching, bloating, and stomach discomfort.

Detoxing (the right way) isn’t about depriving your body of food and nutrients, it’s about supporting the liver—our body’s second-largest organ—the best way we can so that it can filter toxins and eliminate them efficiently from the body.

Dry Needling for Injury Prevention and Recovery

Why dancers are having their trigger points released with a needle.

We are all looking for a little magic when it comes to injury prevention and recovery. So it’s no surprise that dancers, always on top of new health trends, have recently started getting into dry needling. The treatment promises instant relief to some of dance’s most nagging injuries by releasing trigger points in the muscles with a needle. But it also has medical professionals buzzing with controversy. When your physical therapist pulls out a needle, should you question whether it’s safe for you?

JuneBodyWhat Is It?

Dry needling uses filiform needles—the same kind as traditional acupuncture. But although the tool is the same, the approach is different. Based in ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture seeks to balance the flow of energy along pathways in the body called meridians. Dry needling, on the other hand, arose out of Western medicine in the 1940s: Dr. Janet Travell, a specialist in pain referral patterns, identified trigger points in the body that would relieve pain by releasing tension in the associated muscles. Initially she injected the trigger points with fluids such as saline. The term “dry needling” originated when she discovered that the technique had the same effect without the injection.

How It Helps

The practitioner inserts the needle using a technique that elicits a “twitch response,” an involuntary reaction in the muscle that enables it to release tension. The immediate elongation of the muscle fibers allows the muscle to relax. “When the needle taps the tight tissue, it creates a micro-trauma which brings a lot of blood to the area,” says Bianca Beldini, a licensed acupuncturist and physical therapist at Sundala Center for Wellness in New York City. “Immediately when you take the needles out, the patient’s range of motion improves and their pain decreases.” Acupuncture techniques vary, and this twitch response is not something that acupuncturists would normally go for, unless they use the trigger-point dry needling technique.

The Effects

Many dancers find that the muscle release dry needling provides has dramatic results. “I have needled dancers the same day as an injury and they are able to return to rehearsal after treatment,” says Erika Johnson, director of dance medicine at Marathon Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Massachusetts. “This is obviously case dependent, but it’s exciting to see this trend.” While it can’t help every injury, Johnson has used dry needling on muscle strains and spasms, tendonitis, sprained ankles and many of dance’s other most common injuries.

For New York City Ballet principal Sara Mearns, who has been treated by Beldini since she first joined the company in 2003, the approach combining dry needling technique with more traditional acupuncture has helped her heal faster and feel better. “If I have a strained calf, she is able to fix it within two sessions probably,” Mearns says. She admits that she was nervous about the needles at first. “But the needles are so tiny and the release that I get from them is deeper than any other therapy.”

The Timing

The first time a dancer experiences this type of needling, Beldini often encourages them not to dance for the next 24 hours. This gives them a chance to find out how long they will experience soreness. “The twitch response can release a fair amount of lactic acid, so the dancer is typically quite sore after,” explains Beldini. A good practitioner will be able to perform the technique gently and minimize this soreness as they get to know your body better. Mearns can be needled by Beldini and dance pain-free the next day. In fact, during performance seasons she sees Beldini every Monday even if she’s not injured because the treatment has become so therapeutic. “It’s a process,” says Mearns, “but once you get to that place where you can really handle that deep release in your muscles, your body will be completely different.” 

Why the Controversy?

Few dispute the effectiveness of dry needling. But controversy circles around who is qualified to do it. Many acupuncturists argue weekend courses aren’t enough to qualify physical therapists to needle people. “Acupuncturists aren’t just throwing a needle into one muscle to get a twitch response, but we’re needling into a bunch of different things,” says acupuncturist/physical therapist Bianca Beldini. In fact, several states have ruled that dry needling is outside the scope of practice for a physical therapist because it involves puncturing the skin.

Yet some in the physical therapy community feel they are qualified, since they are myofascial and biomechanical specialists. “Physical therapists have been treating trigger points and myofascial restrictions with their hands for decades, and the filiform needle is simply an extension of this,” argues dance medicine specialist Erika Johnson. In fact, Johnson feels that becoming a practitioner of dry needling has helped her develop a greater appreciation for when acupuncture is a better treatment, and regularly refers dancers to acupuncturists.

In a perfect world, every dry needling specialist would have training in both practices, but this is a rare combination because both specialties require extensive training. Make sure that anyone treating you with a needle has been trained to use it and has experience with physically active clients like athletes and dancers.

By Kathleen McGuire via Dance Magazine

Retaining Muscle Mass as We Age

As we age, our diet and lifestyle can cause our digestive system to become sluggish, producing less digestive acid and causing us to absorb less of the nutrients in the food we eat.   When we digest more poorly we are ‘mal-absorbing’ the nutrients needed for overall energy, immune system function and muscle health.   Essentially, we become malnourished.

When our body detects a lack of nutrients needed to run, it taps its own reserves, drawing on the protein stored in our muscles. This is the most common reason why we lose muscle mass with age.   But this loss of muscle-mass is preventable. The article – 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Muscles and Aging, fby Rehaat Hegazi, M.D. – shares interesting insights on how to you retain your strength and muscle mass as you age.

Discount for Dreamclinic clients at LifeFloat

Dreamclinic clients pay only $25 for their first Float Session, normally a $90 session! Use the promocode “dream25” when booking at lifefloat.com.

Our new wellness partner, Lift Float provides an open, relaxed and personalized experience, focusing on effectiveness, comfort and convenience. Most float centers have “pods” with lids that close, which have been known to feel more claustrophobic to new floaters. In contrast, Life Float has open pools that are luxurious, spacious, and private, providing an unrestricted floating experience with all of the the key floating benefits. Their private float rooms contain all the amenities you will need for a restorative experience.

Why Float?

• Reduce impacts on stress and anxiety.
• Minimise or eliminate chronic pain.
• Increase muscle recovery.
• Enhance concentration.
• Stimulate creativity.
• Increase mental clarity.

What’s in the Pool?

• Epsom Salt — About 1600 pounds of pharmaceutical Epsom salt create a buoyant Dead Sea-like floating experience that suspends you within 10 inches of water, effortlessly.
• Water temperature — The water temperature is the same temperature of your skin, so it is hard to tell where your body begins and ends within the water.
• Noise Controlled — The rooms are quiet, blocking out any noise so that your senses can be free of distraction. Within the float pool you’ll have access to music, silence or ambient sound, specifically chosen for its ability to assist the mind in downshifting to states of profound relaxation.
• Reduced Visual Stimulation — float pools are equipped with a specially designed lighting system that can help ease the transition from overstimulation to relaxation.

What Will Happen While I Float?

Once you are in the pool, your job is to relax and float freely. With reduced sensory input and no need to deal with gravity, your mind and body suddenly have amazing excess capacity to focus inward and regain balance. There is no wrong way to float, so your job will be to relax and let go.

Life Float is located across the street from REI in South Lake Union at 213 Yale Ave. Seattle, WA Call (206) 624-1264 or check out their website for more info. Offer is good till October 31st.

Dreamclinic Named to Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies

dreamclinic massage

Dreamclinic continues to gain recognition locally and nationally. Dreamclinic just made the 2016 Inc. 5000 list. The Inc 5000 is a well-established, prestigious list for the fastest growing privately-held businesses in the nation. In order to qualify for inclusion on the Inc. 5000 list for 2016, a company must have had at least $2 million in revenue by the last year of a three-year period, ending in 2015, and must also be a U.S.-based, privately-held and independent entity, meaning it is not a subsidiary or division of another company.

This is the second year in a row that Dreamclinic has been recognized for exceptional growth in the marketplace. Inc. 5000 has measured our growth at 90% over the past three years and we are projected to continue growing. “We are honored to make the list and we know this speaks volumes to the quality and genuine caring mindset of our entire team, “ said Larisa Goldin, Dreamclinic CEO. “We must also recognize that our growth has been fueled by our awesome customers who recognize the Dreamclinic commitment to excellence in therapy and continue to be super-loyal year after year.”

In making Inc. 5000, we are pleased to share the same spotlight with previous recipients like Facebook, LinkedIn and Pandora Radio as we continue on as one of the fastest growing wellness businesses dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations through services and education that promote a natural approach to health.
Award winners are invited to join the Inc. 5000 Conference and Gala in San Antonio, Texas from October 18-20, 2016 to celebrate their impressive growth with opportunities to network and a conference that features motivational speaker and best-selling author Tony Robbins.

Dreamclinic’s mission is to serve as a trusted business entity providing services and education that promote a natural approach to health. See our Inc 5000 ranking here. 



Monroe Institute Excursion Workshop


Monroe Institute Excursion Workshop: April 29-30, July 22-23

Join Dreamclinic and Rob Sandstrom for an enjoyable “headphones-on” weekend workshop designed to introduce you to the mind expanding process of Hemi-Sync*. Learn to achieve expanded states of consciousness, not ordinarily available in everyday life.

The Monroe Institute® Excursion Workshop is an intensive 2-day program offering you opportunities to engage in consciousness exploration, self-discovery, and personal transformation. Based on the first two days of the 5-day residential Gateway Voyage® program, the Excursion Workshop introduces you to Focus 10 and Focus 12, two expanded consciousness states which enable you to better understand your Total Self and to access your untapped inner resources.

Dates: April 29-30, July 22-23
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm both days
Location: Dreamclinic Bel-Red 15436 Bel-Red Road Redmond WA 98052
Cost: $250. Space is limited, reservations taken on a first-come basis.
Learn more or register today!