Temporarily closing clinics. Thank you, Seattle, for your support.

Dear friends,

We are in unprecedented time for our country, facing a pandemic that requires us all to act in the greater good of the community. First of all our, heart goes out to all the first responders, medical staff and everyone that has been impacted. We are all deeply grateful for your service to the community.

As a healthcare company, we have been monitoring the CDC recommendations regarding Covid-19. Based on the latest information, it has become clear that the best way to support our community is to temporarily discontinue services. Our clinics will be closed starting March 19th until further notice. This is the best way to protect our valued team members, clients, and the greater community. If you have any questions, we will have team members working remotely to respond by phone (206-267-0863) or email. Enthusiast members need not worry as your sessions roll over and can be used at any time in the future. You can still schedule appointments online into April.

Thank you to our entire community for the incredible support that Dreamclinic has received during this time. We can’t wait to be back in service as soon as possible!

Larisa Golden,
Founder and CEO

As we are one of the businesses with a direct economic impact from the COVID-19, we welcome your additional support in the form of gift card purchases, if you are able to do so. Use the promo code SAVE10 for 10% off all gift certificates purchased until we re-open.

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Dreamclinic’s Coronavirus Response

Dreamclinic’s mission is providing services and education that promote a natural approach to health!  We care deeply about the wellbeing of our community during this time of uncertainty and stress for everyone.

Our business is open for you. As always, Dreamclinic complies with all Health Safety standards which includes washing hands, changing linens and disinfecting before and after every single session. In addition to the usual measures, we are taking additional precautions such as providing extra sanitizer to all guests and staff, changing up ‘social’ habits and we’ve ordered touchless thermometers for each clinic. Optional masks may be worn by some therapists.

A strong immune system is your best defense.

Many studies confirm that getting a massage has a positive effect on your immune system, replete with white blood cells when strong.. Recently, researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles shared that people who received a 45-minute massage had an increased number of lymphocytes, or white blood cells, that play a large role in defending the body from disease.

If you are interested in getting a massage book online on our website. Click here to schedule or call 206-267-0863.

Introducing new Enthusiast Membership Program!


We are pleased to share that as of today, Dreamclinic has introduced a new Enthusiast membership program, designed to bring the utmost in convenience and value to many of our clients.

No gotchas… just savings and convenience
When you become an Enthusiast, you pay a monthly $88 membership fee which entitles you to a monthly one-hour massage session and an unlimited number of additional sessions at the low member rate of $88, plus member savings on other Wellness services. You can easily share your Enthusiast sessions with others and we can help you reserve your favorite appointment times for massage for months ahead. In all our endeavors at Dreamclinic we are focused above all on your well-being and on business practices you can trust. That is why for Enthusiast members there are no long-term contracts, unused sessions roll over to next month, and you can opt out at any time with 30 days’ notice.

It’s good to feel good!
The Enthusiast Membership was created for so many of you who love how you feel after a truly therapeutic massage – lower stress, happier body, better mood – and are ready to feel that way all the time (or at least more of the time) with the help of a regular monthly massage. You asked for convenience and a way to get our best pricing without the up-front expense of a package – the Enthusiast Membership is for you!

Switch or stay… we love you anyway
If you already participate in our loyalty member program (8% discount and rewards points), you will have the option to finish out your current membership year or to convert to the Enthusiast program. Just ask one of our Customer Service specialists in person or on the phone

Enthusiast Membership Benefits

Month-to-Month plan
$88 monthly fee. There are no obligations, no long-term contracts. Opt out any time with 30 days’ notice

Monthly Massage
One complimentary 60-minute standard (deep tissue/swedish/sports) massage session issued per month

Additional Member Savings
Enjoy a low Enthusiast member rate of $88 on any additional standard 60-minute massage sessions and discounts on other wellness services.

Session Carry Over
Unused sessions roll over so long as you are an active Enthusiast member.

Unlimited Sharing
Unlimited sharing of Unused Enthusiast sessions with a $10 transfer fee per session

Convenience of multiple locations
Member rates at any of our four primary Dreamclinic Puget Sound clinics

To sign up for an Enthusiast membership click here, call 206-267-0863 or visit any of our 4 locations.

Managing Your Scoliosis with Massage Therapy

If you’re familiar with scoliosis, you may know that it involves the abnormal curvature of the spine. Often resulting in body imbalances that cause pain, it is difficult to cure this condition, but worthwhile to focus on treatment of its symptoms. And while bracing and surgeries are common methods for treatment, in recent decades patients have been turning to massage therapy for managing their scoliosis. Not only is massage therapy less invasive than these other methods, but there are many benefits that massage can provide to people with scoliosis. Read on to find out more about this condition and how it can be managed through massage therapy. 

Types of Scoliosis 

While the result of scoliosis is abnormal curvature of the spine, the causes of scoliosis differ based on type. Additionally, cases can range from mild to severe, while the shape of the curves vary in degree, direction, and form from individual to individual. The two most common abnormal curvatures of scoliosis are in the form of an S or C-shape.  

One type of scoliosis is congenital, which means it is present from birth where the spinal bones develop abnormally while the baby is growing inside of the mother.  Another type of scoliosis is functional scoliosis. This means that the spine developed normally, but the curvature arises due to other problems in the body such as a leg length difference, injury, poor posture, or muscle spasms in the back. Neuromuscular scoliosis is commonly diagnosed in adolescents and children and is a type of scoliosis caused by muscle weakness or disease, such as cerebral palsy and spina bifida. 

Types of Massage Therapy for Treatment 

While the causes of scoliosis differ, massage therapy can be helpful for treating the pain symptoms of people with scoliosis. Effective massage treatments are:  

·       Deep Tissue Massage Therapy – This therapy uses intense pressure to target areas of pain, helping to stretch and relax tight muscles while improving circulation.  

·       Swedish Massage Therapy – This therapy uses light to medium pressure allowing for deep relaxation and relief from back pain, headaches, shallow breathing, and insomnia.  

·       Cranial-Sacral Therapy – This therapy is a very gentle type of massage therapy used to mobilize restricted tissue around the spine, allowing for improvement of overall mobility in the body, reduction of stress, and central nervous system functioning.  

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Scoliosis Patients 

If you’re looking to use some of these massage therapies for treatment of a scoliosis condition, some of the benefits that you can expect are: 

·       Increased Mobility – Massage therapy balances out the muscles of the back and spine, allowing for better mobility throughout the body. 

·       Enhancement of Body Awareness – Regular massage therapy cultivates a sense of body awareness helpful for functional scoliosis, which is dependent on posture and holding patterns. 

·       Improved Circulation – Massage therapy mobilizes tissues and increases blood flow allowing for greater flexibility and healing of the muscles. 

·       Relief from Stress – When your body hangs onto stress, tension builds up in the body, contributing to symptoms of pain. Massage therapy helps calm the mind and reduces muscle tension, giving you a better peace of mind.  

Now that you know how massage therapy is useful for managing scoliosis and the types of massage therapy that are effective, you may be interested in trying it out for yourself. And you can easily schedule a massage today online through Dreamclinic with one of our licensed massage therapists!  

8 Easy and Affordable Activities to Jump Start Your Active Lifestyle

At Dreamclinic, many of our clients are looking for ways to start or get back into a healthy lifestyle. For some, this may mean a change in their diet. For example, they may need to cut out unhealthy foods or track the calories and nutrients in their meals. Still others may be focusing on giving up a bad habit that they’ve struggled with. At the same time, many people today are looking for activities that allow them to get active, but that won’t break the bank or require too much time. After all, in the modern world, our schedules are often full, and we have multiple obligations. But once you begin your path with these activities, you’ll be giving yourself a healthier, more active lifestyle that’s better for you and makes you feel amazing too!

Grab a Jump Rope

It doesn’t get much more cost-effective and easy than grabbing a jumping rope. In fact, medical sources have pointed out that jumping rope for 15 minutes burns as many calories as running a fast mile. Best of all, you can take a jump rope almost anywhere.

Enjoy a Jog

While it may take a bit longer to burn calories, jogging builds your cardiovascular stamina and is an easy way to get active that nearly everyone can get into, even if you’re a novice. An added benefit to jogging is that you can enjoy your local scenery or catch up on an audio book at the gym.

Dive into the Swimming Pool

Although you may need a pool membership for this one, in most cases, they’re fairly low-cost. And when it comes to swimming, it’s been highlighted that this healthy exercise that is diverse and can fit your experience and activity level.

Join a Yoga Studio

If you’re looking for affordable and easy activities that also relax your mind, yoga might be the choice for you. Yoga has multiple benefits as well, from keeping you strong and flexible to calming your mind and emotions. And if joining a yoga studio isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of apps out there that let you do this one right from the comfort of your home.

Hit the Hiking Trails

Our next activity for jump starting your active lifestyle is hiking. In Washington state, there are countless trails for you to explore, all while getting a considerable workout. Probably the best part about this activity is that all you need in many cases is a pair of reliable hiking or running shoes.

Take to the Ice Skating Rink

If you’re thinking about being a professional ice skater, the price can get up there a little. However, for most of us, renting a pair of ice skates a few times a month and skating the rink is an affordable way to exercise. You might be surprised to find out that ice skating has a number of health-related benefits too!

Sign up for Club Sports

Soccer, basketball, tennis. In Seattle there are tons of different sporting organizations you can join. These types of sports are social in nature and you have choices that can match your comfort level and your need to take your game to the next level as time goes on.

Schedule a Regular Massage

Even though this activity is a bit more passive than our others, it can definitely support your active lifestyle by keeping your muscles healthy and elastic.  Regular massage can help keep you on track if you experience any soreness, strains, sprains or other issues as you start your path to a healthier lifestyle.
If you’re in the Seattle area, a massage is easier to schedule than you might imagine. In fact, you can schedule one right from our website!

5 Questions about Your Body and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness


If you’re living a healthy, active lifestyle, you may have experienced soreness after a workout or sporting session. In fact, you may even have noticed that your muscle soreness lasted for a couple of days, getting worse as time went on. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or simply a novice who’s getting started, these aches probably concerned you or at the very least, stopped you from fulfilling your normal routine.

At the same time, you probably wanted to know how to prevent this issue in the future, as well as the process involved in having it occur in the first place. This soreness, otherwise known as delayed-onset muscle soreness or DOMS, can be a real hindrance. But as experts in massage therapy, the staff at Dreamclinic is your source for understanding and preventing this issue.

What is DOMS?

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS, is a type of soreness that builds up over the course of about 48 hours. During that time, it often gets progressively worse and is thought to be caused by the movement of your muscle as it is being stretched during activity. Once upon a time, researchers thought lactic acid was the culprit, but not any longer. In fact, DOMS is caused by an inflammation process that starts within a few hours of your workout.

Who does DOMS affect?

You might think that DOMS only impacts professional weightlifters or regular runners. But the truth is that Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness can affect anyone, of any age. In fact, if you’re a less seasoned athlete or you haven’t been active in a while, you may have a greater chance of experiencing DOMS than a more experienced or active person.

Should you work through it?

There’s still some debate about whether working through DOMS is advised or not. In reality, jumping right back into your regular workout might not be the wisest course of action. However, you don’t need to worry. In most cases, you can return to your routine after a rest and light activity. In fact, the best course of action you can take is to do light stretching, a massage, and minor exercises that encourage blood flow. You can also use foam rolling as well, which will provide additional relief. However, you should probably avoid heavy lifting or other strenuous aspects of your active routine.

How do you prevent it?

One of the biggest recommendations we can give regarding DOMS and prevention is to warm up before your workouts or activities. You can use your foam roller or general stretching. Although the health community is talking a great deal about BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, timing their intact correctly can be a bit of a pain and often requires a supplement. For most people, stretching and a regular massage can work wonders in and of itself.

Do you live an active lifestyle and experience DOMS? The staff at Dreamclinic is happy to schedule a massage for you and help you on your road to recovery!

Reduce Anxiety with Massage

It’s no secret that our daily lives can dictate our mood. Just as getting a promotion or planning a vacation can put a smile on our faces for days on end, things like workplace deadlines, family troubles, and financial worries can have a negative effect on our psychological well-being.

By now, most of us have come to know just how connected the mind and body truly are. So it should come as no surprise that sustaining a poor mood can lead to much more than a grumpy expression. Gloomy or defeatist emotions can manifest themselves in a myriad of ways, including weight gain, skin conditions, and even serious illnesses.

For those of you who love to treat themselves to a massage, we’ve got good news for you. Not only does your massage ease tense muscles and boost relaxation, but you can reduce anxiety with massage, lifting your mood in a way that permeates your body.

First and foremost, there’s human touch. Countless studies have examined the benefits of touch, both as it relates to our development as children and how it affects our sense of the world as adults. Simple touch on a regular basis has been shown to lower blood pressure and increase the “feel-good” hormone, oxytocin — both of which lead to a more optimistic attitude.

Massage itself is like doubling down on this human touch. “Many studies show that massage therapy reduces negative mood states like depression, anxiety, and anger,” says Dr. Tiffany Field of the Touch Research Institute. “Massage therapy can improve a person’s emotional health by reducing stress and stress hormones; by increasing serotonin and thereby depression and pain; and by enhancing immune function and thereby reducing bacterial and viral illnesses.” In fact, a review of more than a dozen studies conducted by the Institute found that harmful levels of cortisol were reduced by up to 53 percent following a massage.

Another benefit people might not think about is the increase in self-awareness. Because of the speed at which many of us live our lives, we rarely stop to examine how our bodies are responding to everyday stress. “Massage treatments give us a time-out in order for us to access the deeper layers of our well-being,” says massage therapist Kristen Sykora. “Just as we take our cars in for regular tune-ups, we too need maintenance.”

While massages are certainly enjoyable, they shouldn’t be viewed as an indulgence. Instead, they should be seen as yet another tool we can use to keep ourselves in the best physical and mental health possible.

5 Reasons a Sports Massage Could Take Your Game To the Next Level

Sports massage has been used by professional athletes for decades as a form of legitimate physical therapy that addresses the other side of training. This side is typically concerned with maintenance, increased range of motion, injury prevention, muscle tension and fatigue. Yet, it isn’t quite a day at the spa; sports massage helps you become a better, healthier athlete and promotes long-term development.

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Answers to Your Top Massage Questions

If you’re a massage newbie and considering getting a massage, in Seattle or anywhere else in the country, you may have some questions about what to expect during your first visit. Of course, this is perfectly natural. After all, while you may have heard from friends what a massage is like, you’re about to experience it for yourself. And you may want to have a better understanding of how your session will go when you arrive.

Not to worry.  The massage experts at Dreamclinic are here to answer your questions. Our professionally trained staff is always happy to provide you with guidance when it comes to your health and massage, in Seattle or beyond. And today, we’re answering some of your top questions!

What should I wear when I get a massage?

You should dress as you normally do and in what is most comfortable for you. Our staff recommends dressing down, and for many clients, on a warm day a pair of shorts works well, along with a t-shirt. Once you have had a massage, your relaxed body will appreciate a comfort-oriented approach to your wardrobe.

Are there any risks associated with getting a massage?

While massage therapy is know to be an extremely safe activity, clients should be aware of a few considerations before beginning. If you have concerns or known medical conditions, it’s best to talk with your doctor to make sure massage is medically safe for you.  

Should I feel sore after my massage session?

Especially if you’re getting a deeper tissue massage, it’s normal to feel a little soreness the next day after your massage. In fact, that soreness is likely a result of the positive effect of your massage.  Increase your fluids to assist your lymphatic system and decrease soreness.

Is a massage more about the experience or the medicine?

The answer is: both! Massage therapy is as much as a science as it is an art. In addition to being enjoyable and relaxing, massage therapy does  also offer numerous health benefits.

Can a massage help me with my active lifestyle?

Yes! For those of you who live an active life, massage can offer even more benefits. That’s because active people tend to pick up dings and stress to their muscles and need more regular maintenance. When you arrive for your  Dreamclinic massage, please feel free to bring up how massage can benefit you regarding the specific activities you engage in.

What licenses exist in the United States for massage?

In the United States, each state has its own regulation that pertain to massage therapy. For our massage team in Seattle, our  excellent team of professionals are licensed with over 750 hours of training.

Does my health insurance plan cover massage sessions?

In some cases, insurance plans may cover your massage therapy. This is especially true if your general doctor or specialist has referred you for massage therapy. However, every insurance plan is different.  Best practice is to check your specific plan for benefits pertaining to massage. Also if you have been in a car accident, your auto insurance should cover massage.

Does Dreamclinic offer office-based sessions in Seattle?

Yes! We’re proud to offer workplace massage, onsite sessions for your office or corporate events.

Can I customize my massage session at Dreamclinic?

One of the most important aspects of getting a massage is discussing your goals for the session with your massage therapist before the massage begins.  Before your first session, talk to one of our trained staff about what is right for you.

Ready to get your first massage at one of our Seattle area locations? Get in touch with us!