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Anna has been treating clients using East Asian Medicine for over ten years. As a healer, she feels she is simply a guide working with clients to co-create a unique path to healing and self-discovery. She deeply loves and enjoys her acupuncture practice and has treated many different health issues. Anna specializes in internal disorders including respiratory, digestive, gynecological and psych-emotional. She also has experience treating clients dealing with trauma and PTSD.

“I am certainly very motivated to treat the root cause of disease but more than that, I want to help clients to improve their quality of life so that they can live a joyful and fulfilled existence.”

Featured Therapists: Anna P. practices at U. District and is one of our features acupuncturists along with Tien Nguyen at Dreamclinic Bel-Red, Diane Atkinson, at Dreamclinic U. District and Junmei, practicing at Queen Anne.

What would you like 1st time clients to know?
Acupuncture needles are extremely thin and flexible, about the thickness of a cat whisker. Generally speaking, most people feel extremely relaxed after needles are inserted and often fall asleep on the treatment table.

An interesting fact about East Asian Medicine

East Asian medicine is highly individualized!  For example, if 5 people with the common cold received acupuncture, the 5 people might all have different acupuncture points chosen as part of their treatment. It is the same with herbal formulas.

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