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At Dreamclinic, many of our clients are looking for ways to start or get back into a healthy lifestyle. For some, this may mean a change in their diet. For example, they may need to cut out unhealthy foods or track the calories and nutrients in their meals. Still others may be focusing on giving up a bad habit that they’ve struggled with. At the same time, many people today are looking for activities that allow them to get active, but that won’t break the bank or require too much time. After all, in the modern world, our schedules are often full, and we have multiple obligations. But once you begin your path with these activities, you’ll be giving yourself a healthier, more active lifestyle that’s better for you and makes you feel amazing too!

Grab a Jump Rope

It doesn’t get much more cost-effective and easy than grabbing a jumping rope. In fact, medical sources have pointed out that jumping rope for 15 minutes burns as many calories as running a fast mile. Best of all, you can take a jump rope almost anywhere.

Enjoy a Jog

While it may take a bit longer to burn calories, jogging builds your cardiovascular stamina and is an easy way to get active that nearly everyone can get into, even if you’re a novice. An added benefit to jogging is that you can enjoy your local scenery or catch up on an audio book at the gym.

Dive into the Swimming Pool

Although you may need a pool membership for this one, in most cases, they’re fairly low-cost. And when it comes to swimming, it’s been highlighted that this healthy exercise that is diverse and can fit your experience and activity level.

Join a Yoga Studio

If you’re looking for affordable and easy activities that also relax your mind, yoga might be the choice for you. Yoga has multiple benefits as well, from keeping you strong and flexible to calming your mind and emotions. And if joining a yoga studio isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of apps out there that let you do this one right from the comfort of your home.

Hit the Hiking Trails

Our next activity for jump starting your active lifestyle is hiking. In Washington state, there are countless trails for you to explore, all while getting a considerable workout. Probably the best part about this activity is that all you need in many cases is a pair of reliable hiking or running shoes.

Take to the Ice Skating Rink

If you’re thinking about being a professional ice skater, the price can get up there a little. However, for most of us, renting a pair of ice skates a few times a month and skating the rink is an affordable way to exercise. You might be surprised to find out that ice skating has a number of health-related benefits too!

Sign up for Club Sports

Soccer, basketball, tennis. In Seattle there are tons of different sporting organizations you can join. These types of sports are social in nature and you have choices that can match your comfort level and your need to take your game to the next level as time goes on.

Schedule a Regular Massage

Even though this activity is a bit more passive than our others, it can definitely support your active lifestyle by keeping your muscles healthy and elastic.  Regular massage can help keep you on track if you experience any soreness, strains, sprains or other issues as you start your path to a healthier lifestyle.
If you’re in the Seattle area, a massage is easier to schedule than you might imagine. In fact, you can schedule one right from our website!

Dreamclinic offers convenient anytime online scheduling. Click to schedule, or call 206-267-0863.