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Search for articles across the internet and you’ll find many recommending a massage after exercise. From men’s fitness magazines to women’s health sites to hardcore workout junkies, the word is spreading fast. And there’s really no other way to put it: for even a moderately active lifestyle, a regular massage can make a huge difference. But what about pairing dedicated exercises with your weekly massage?

While just about any exercise can be matched up well with a massage, our experts at Dreamclinic massage therapy in Seattle wanted to give you something a bit more detailed. So we put together a list of ones we recommend for a variety of reasons. In this list of 7, you’ll find super simple exercises that are excellent even for beginners, as well as ones that can really give you a run for your money.

Step-ups with Knee Raise

One of the reasons we chose this exercise is for its versatility and its multiple benefits. While you work your abs, hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors, you can build strength, stability, and stamina. The best part is that this exercise can be modified a number of different ways to further improve your range of motion and your core.

Standing Calf Stretch

This stretching exercise is easy enough to perform, but gives your soleus, one of the main calf muscles, a decent stretch. It can aid in dealing with issues like Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis. Paired with a regular massage after exercise, and this one is especially perfect for joggers and runners.

Speed Jump Roping

Although you can start off at your own pace, speed jump roping is one exercise that’s being added to more workout schedules. This is because, when added to a well-chosen diet and a regular massage, this exercise can do wonders for your health. And all you’ll need is a simple jump rope and some space.


Because a regular massage is ideal for improving range of motion, decreasing back pain from sitting too long, and helping your posture, we love to recommend adding planks to the mix. As a core exercise, it works out several areas of your body at once and improves balance and flexibility. One of the best parts is that it can also offer a mind-blowing challenge that can leave you pumped up and feeling confident. Once you’ve added a massage after exercise with planks, you have yourself a winning combination.


Another outstanding exercise with a lot of versatility, the squat provides a whole-body workout with a focus on mobility and balance. When you combine them with a weekly massage, we’re talking about a whole new fitness level that just about anyone can enjoy.


This one isn’t just for powerlifters who are addicted to the gym. In reality, deadlifts can be done with a much lighter weight than you may have seen on TV. And because it works an enormous amount of your body’s muscles, it’s incredible at getting you fit in a hurry. Be sure to pair up with an expert who can help you with form, but also be sure not to overdo this one before you get a massage after exercise.

The Bridge Pose

Let’s finish up with a simple, approachable exercise that can really make a difference, especially if you’re suffering from lower back pain. This yoga move focuses on extending out your spine, even as it allows you to stretch your chest. When you come for your next massage session, we’ll discuss whether this move is right for you if you’re experiencing back pain, but the fact remains: lots of yoga poses paired with a massage can make a world of a difference for many.

Have questions about which exercises are right for you before your next massage session? Talk to one of our experts at Dreamclinic for massage therapy in Seattle and the surrounding area.

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