Meet FRESH talent at Dreamclinic and Receive 30 More Minutes of Therapy, On Us!

All Dreamclinic therapists are carefully vetted and are among the most skilled and talented massage professionals in the Seattle area.  That said, sometimes there is that special magical connection with a therapist that brings an extra dimension of healing to your massage sessions.  It’s that intangible factor.  We get it.  With our FRESH promotion we give you an incentive to try out the newest additions to our team, receiving 90 minutes of massage for the price of one hour.

This way, you can meet new massage therapists and see if it’s one of those ‘great-fit’ situations where you just found a new favorite.

Here’s What the FRESH Promo Offers

More Time, No Extra Cost: Receive 90 minutes of award-winning massage therapy, but pay for only 60 minutes. This means you get a session valued at $174 for just $123!

Experience Our Team’s Diversity: Whether you’re a regular at Dreamclinic or it’s your first visit, this promo is an excellent opportunity to meet both our newest therapists, and occasionally, those who’ve been with us for years. While one-hour massages offer significant relief, imagine what an additional 30 minutes do for your well-being.

Easy Booking Options: Whether you’re an online enthusiast or prefer the traditional phone call, we’ve got you covered. Convenient online scheduling is available on our website, or you can call us at 206-267-0863.

  • Online: Simply choose your preferred location and follow the straightforward booking steps. The discount is automatically applied. No hassle.
  • Over the Phone: If you prefer to speak to one of our representatives, call us at (206) 267-0863 and make sure to mention the FRESH promo.

Promo Code: Remember to use the Promo Code FRESH to ensure your 30-minute upgrade is applied to your next session.

A Few Important Points to Remember

  • While we’d love for everyone to enjoy this promotion, there are a few guidelines:
  • The FRESH promo cannot be applied to insurance-billed services. 
  • It’s a standalone offer, meaning it cannot be combined with other discounts, including but not limited to the First-Time, and Enthusiast Membership discounts.

At Dreamclinic, we understand the value of consistent therapeutic care and the role it plays in your overall well-being. Our FRESH promo is more than just a special offer—it’s also a chance for you to experience a longer, more immersive healing session of longer duration. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your healing experience. Book your extended session now, and together, let’s continue the journey towards a healthier you.