Announcing: In-Home Massage Now Available

At Dreamclinic, we see it as our mission to help fellow humans keep healthy by working against the ravages of stress and pain. With all the societal change going on, there sure is plenty of stress going around and we are really feeling our mission these days. Knowing that some of you have not had bodywork for many months and are unable to make it to our clinics, we got creative and developed a new service option – in home massage.

In Home massage – we come to you! 

For those not able to make it to our clinics, we have just launched Dreamclinic in home. You can now receive the same highly-skilled, deeply caring brand of service you have come to trust from Dreamclinic, now conveniently in your home. Learn more. 

Enthusiast members get more value 

Your Enthusiast sessions can now be used either toward clinic visits or in-home visits. Enjoy the same low member rates for in-home service (add only a setup fee and gratuity).

Enthusiast members share enthusiastically 

If there was ever a good time to gift someone a massage or acupuncture session, that time is now. So we are waiving the gifting fee for our Enthusiast Members through the end of the year. That means there is no additional charge if you want to share your Enthusiast sessions with friends or family. It’s a good time to be or to become an Enthusiast Member. 

Extra duration (90’s) for extra relaxation 

Before the corona, Dreamclinic number-crunchers observed that 90-minute sessions had grown in popularity, representing one in three visits. Unfortunately when we first re-opened, we were still getting our bearings and had to limit sessions to one hour. I am so pleased that we have resumed offering 90’s again. More good news is that, in contrast to industry practices, Dreamclinic sessions last the full duration (60 minutes is sixty minutes). You are welcome. Call or email us or book online.